(media player) have last fm integration

Since the audioscrobbler application is not working anymore, it would be nice to have a last fm integration on the default media player, so we could scrobble our songs also on mobile :slight_smile:

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You can use Deadbeef Silica (from Storeman) or QuaserMX (from Jolla Store) for scrobbling playback of local files. Since these two services exist and since many people do not use last fm, I think integrating scrobbling into the main media player is unnecessary. It may be nice for some, though.

Despite i know you are right, i hate deadbeef, as it’s just an endless list to scroll, while now, the default player is almost perfect…

If there is a direct link to the stream of last fm embedded in a playlist file, one can open it with media player

You can open this in media player, after you downloaded this https://stream.laut.fm/lastfm.m3u

I understand. Deadbeef silica isn’t my thing either so I use QuaserMX, which is a lot more featureful. Have you tried it? It may be less intuitive (and not quite as pretty to some) but it allows a lot nore freedom in listening style than deadbeef.
I still think adding a built in scrobbler to the media app is not the best course of action since the media app seems to be significantly minimalist (it doesn’t even have a settings screen). But perhaps a script could be written using dbus? There appears to be a dbus service for the mediaplayer (see: official Sailfish dbus documentation) , but the access level is“TBA”. I’m not sure what that means, but I guess it is going to be announced (if someone could clarify this for me I would be very grateful)

That’s pretty neat. It seems to be possible even without a last.fm subscription, which is not what I would have expected. However, I don’t think it will scrobble since it plays for me without any of my credentials and doesn’t show up in my recent tracks on last.fm.

I saw daedalus has last.fm scrobble support. The only caveat is that it’s only available for armv7, don’t know if you have an aarch64 device. You could try to compile it in this case or i can also maybe. GitHub - djselbeck/daedalus-sailfish: SailfishOS musicplayer with most of SMPCs gui.

Oh it even works without compilation. One can put the source folder in /usr/share and then launch it with the tide app, the root version of it. So then complain must be working, but i couldn’t work out some dependencies yet

i could compile it now, but running the app gives a segfault, that’s strange