Mce-tool: run custom action on power-key-double-click = emergency blocking of Fingerprint scanner

Since J doesn’t look into it, I had a thought on implementing disabling finger-print scanner on double-clicking the power button: currently it locks the device.

Powerkey press from display on:
        single                       blank,tklock
        double                       blank,tklock,devlock,vibrate
        long                         dbus1
Powerkey D-Bus actions:
        dbus1                        send signal with arg 'power-key-menu'
        dbus2                        send signal with arg 'event2'
        dbus3                        send signal with arg 'event3'
        dbus4                        send signal with arg 'event4'
        dbus5                        send signal with arg 'event5'
        dbus6                        send signal with arg 'event6'
        dbus7                        send signal with arg 'event7'
        dbus8                        send signal with arg 'event8'
        dbus9                        send signal with arg 'event9'
        dbus10                       send signal with arg 'event10'

Browsing through powerkey.c · master · mer-core / mce · GitLab I’ve noticed that there are some pwrkey_dbus_action[] actions than MCE could send.
Is that possible to make power-key-double-click send such an action, so that the daemon I write would listen to it and then kill finger-print scanner daemon?

Should work, right? Adding dbus5, for example, so double looks like blank,tklock,devlock,dbus5,vibrate

PS And we can even edit the exact signal
mcetool --set-powerkey-dbus-action=5,my-dbus-signal555


mcetool --set-display-on-double-powerkey-press-actions= blank,tklock,devlock,dbus5,vibrate

thank, but I’ve seen that.

Note to self: there is fpwakeup_set_allowed(), gotta listen on dbus, maybe we can send ‘disable fpwakeup’ on dbus from mce to mce with no need of additional daemon.