Maximum size of SD card?

AFAICT, the last time that this topic was brought up was in TJC. Therefore, it’s been a while.

As of now, and using the latest available Sailfish version, what is the maximum supported size (capacity) of both ext4-formatted and FAT-formatted SD cards, respectively?

I was always under the impression that the maximum supported size for ext4-formatted cards is only restricted by the theoretical limit imposed by the file system and - from a more practical perspective - by the maximum size that the industry is currently capable of manufacturing (1,5 TB, to the best of my knowledge). Someone please enlighten me if my assumption ist wrong.

Data point: I’m using a 256 GByte, ext4-formatted microSD without problems (SFOS

Size mattering beyond SD/SDHC/SDXC (including, but not limited to that vanilla SDXC cards come exFAT formatted) is a pretty much a myth. People will always look for and make up “support lists” where none are needed.

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… and that is regardless of the file-system used (Ext*, vFAT(32), exFAT etc.).

Note that 2 GiB-1 Bytes may turn out to be limit for (older) SDcard-controllers.