MauiKit and Index file manager

I have started an attempt to package the MauiKit frameworks and apps for Sailfish, starting with the Index file manager.

Right now the packaging lacks some refinement, such as icons within the application, customising the .desktop files to disable sandboxing, etc. so it is not great to use, but it works as a proof of concept of packaging MauiKit apps. Help is welcome in fixing those things.

Get it from index-fm | — Community Repository System

(Requires chum repos enabled as well.)

Run from the command line with QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_MOBILE=1 QT_WAYLAND_FORCE_DPI=458 index.


I really really like this! I hope there can be more of this and all of the maui apps will be ported.

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Good job! Do you plan to submit those to Chum OBS for automatic building? Would be nice to have all the apps in one place making it easier to manage.

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I cant install. It doesnt find opt-maui-mauikit
i enabled chum.

You have to also enable my OpenRepos repo not just download the rpm.


Gladly. Can you help me with getting an ccount in the OBS?


We don’t have an ability to make accounts there. See main/ at main · sailfishos-chum/main · GitHub and there is a description on how to get an account.

If you use Matrix, IRC channel is linked to

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I just thought about the flatpaks. Werent the maui apps big on flatpak?