Mastodons in the community

With the mass migration from Twitter to Mastodon, I’m looking for interesting Sailfish-related accounts to follow. Does anyone have any suggestions? If you’re a community member looking to be followed by other Sailfish community members, or have other good suggestions, please share them (either via direct message or as public replies here).

If there’s interest, I may end up giving a summary in the community newsletter.


Maybe you should wait until the first big wave of migration is done.
We saw this times before for Example:
WhatsApp users flee to Telegram, Signal…but come back quickly, because they realise that important Person X don´t follow and they don´t want to loose contact.


Well, apart from yourself, has been very active for years.
Also happy that uses Sailfish OS.

1 Like is moving to according to this toot.

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I’m on … it’s an older/bigger place (was 5K when I joined is now double+!) … I would really recommend to all to look first at who is out there. Although I like that I can see federated content, I’m very, very happy to be in a more focused place. I don’t want to get into politics in ‘pint sized doses’ …