Mastodon apps not working

This is not correct. It’s a bit complicated, but the tooter beta app get’s uses the login screen of the mastodon service and makes a request to the api for a client secret/api key. That then get’s stored locally and is used when next you open the app and enter the same domain.

I’ve swapped out the QTWebkit component here: GitHub - poetaster/harbour-tooter: Tooter is Mastodon client for Sailfish OS. but still need to fix the redirect to localhost. Although, it does work as it is, when the call to the api returns, it tries to call ‘localhost’ which leads to an error screen. However, you can from that point on use the app.

I’m going to do this in 2 steps. First, make sure a local service is reachable and use the old code base and second, time permitting, move to Amber. The latter step would completely take the app out of the login loop.

As of Add a small web server service to respond to redirect on the login page. · poetaster/harbour-tooter@f3c9873 · GitHub

There is a prerelease: Release This is a prerelease with new WebView for testin. · poetaster/harbour-tooter · GitHub where any one that could help testing can download (aarch64 only unless you need otherwise).

And I’ve a made a merge request. So, this is stage one done :slight_smile:

Thank you for all that work! Tooter works fine now on my device. I have the official Mastodon app and a client, Tootle on the ipad. I installed had Tusky, but Tooter is the best of all, easy to use, a bit slow, never mind.

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Could you also compile for 32 bit?