Makefile timestamp in future

I am using Sailfish Application SDK, and my project uses three .pro files: one “meta” project, which has two project files, which produce two binaries respectively. Whenever I compile the project, I get lines like these, ten or so:

File '/home/user/path/build-harbour-batterybuddy-SailfishOS_3_3_0_16_i486_in_Sailfish_OS_Build_Engine-Release/Makefile' has modification time 124 s in the future
File 'Makefile' has modification time 125 s in the future
Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.

Deleting the build directories or cleaning the build beforehand don’t help, the messages appears always. The build works fine, but the messages get annoying quite fast. Any idea how to get rid of them?

I am using VirtualBox VM for compiling, I should add.

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Does your VM have the correct system time? Does it set it correctly on every boot?
Can you run an ntp client the Virtualbox Guest Additions on the VM to keep the clock synced with the host?

Are there timezone inconsistencies between VM host and guest (e.g. host OS set to CET and guest OS set to some US timezone)? 125s sounds like there is an incosistency in time zones (giving a “difference” of two hours.)

125s is only a bit more than 2 minutes and that sounds more like unsyncronized clocks to me.

Of course, sorry, lack of coffee this morning.


This issue occurred with 3.1.7(?) too, and now with the latest version.

I have always assumed that VMs automatically sync their clocks on boot. I’ll check my other devputer to see if I can reproduce the issue, and check the ntp, too.

They only do that, if that is enabled in the VirtualBox settings and the VM supports it. No idea, if that applies to the SailfishSDK (I use the docker engine).

I got it sorted out… My laptop didn’t have systemd-timesyncd enabled. I had reinstalled my laptop, and forgot to enable it.

Manjaro Linux, for some inexplicable reason, does not enable it by default. Fun fact: the said link is the first result when googling systemd-timesyncd

Marking as solved.

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