Make "Sputnik" browser available for community or Jolla customers

This is not a well-known fact, but there’s another native SAFOS browser developed by Sputnik labs. The problem is that this browser is the default browser for Aurora OS, but there’s no way for Sailfish users to get access to it. I have contacted the company with the question whether they would be willing to make their browser available for Sailfish users some time ago, and their reply was that they could consider this. Unfortunately, nothing has changed since then. I’m wondering if Jolla could contact the Sputnik Labs with the very same request to make the browser downloadable at least from their website. Unfortunately, in Russia you need to be some official entity to expect a productive communication with a company, this is just how things work here.

Btw, they claim that this Sputnik browser is developed with an emphasis on privacy and security and provide a list of features to support this claim. There’s also a desktop version of the browser available both for Windows and several Linux distributions downloadable from their website, so anyone interested is welcome to give it a try. Due to the fact that the Jolla browser issue has been trailing the SAFOS development from the beginning, and it can’t catch up with most recent Gecko engine, I believe we all will appreciate a small effort from Jolla to have their customers have an access to an alternative native browser. Now that we’ve seen many examples of nice collaboration between Jolla and OMP, this should be feasible, I think.


That sounds great. If I am not mistaken they ported over QtWebengine or the chromium blink engine and use this for their browser.
For the sake of a “better” non monolithic web I would want Jolla to pursue the support of the gecko engine.
Though of course I can understand the inconvenience for users. They want something that is fast, stable and secure and sadly the Jolla browser is none of this.


I think i saw an esr 78 branch on git. So the engine will improve even more in the near future.


Another native browser would be great! However, I doubt the sputnik browser has other localisations than russian? And it doesn’t appear to be open source. I see this a bit critical. I guess SfOS has quite some russian users who might also use a Aurora OS device. Why not extract the sputnik rpm and share it here? Sputnik itself could also offer a direct download as they do for windows or linux.


Yes, just to clarify my intent: By no means I’m advocating including Sputnik as the default browser. I just think that having more options is great and its up to the user to decide which one fits better that user’s needs and philosophy. I guess, this would be very valuable for those Jolla users who don’t have Android support, and whose choice of web browsers is very limited.

A localization might be an issue (although, I’ve used a Windows with a German localization and got used to it quickly :slight_smile: ). Fortunately, normally mobile browsers don’t need complex menus. Second, a community could step in and help with translation into English if this initiative is taken up, of course.

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It could be me but the main issue is not the engine. This is getting better with each release. The rest of the functionality is -from my POV- what makes the browser feel barebones.

Ie i’d like to have addon support to be able to get rid of all the ads, or firefox sync support and so on.

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Default Aurora OS browser is Sailfish Browser. These rumors are not real.


There was CloudMarks, not sure if it’s developed or not since the latest release is from 2015, but there’s a mention of a newer release. However, the Github repo hasn’t been updated in 5 years.

Oh, in this case I’m sorry for providing with incorrect information. The history for this is following: Sputnik browser is listed among available apps on Aurora OS website, and there’s a “Contact the developer” form. I sent the initial request through that form, and received a reply from OMP that Sputnik browser is provided exclusively with Aurora OS devices. After that I contacted Sputnik Labs directly and received a different reply.

Got a link? I can’t seem to find it.