Mail: time-interval between e-mail retrievals adjustable?

Working at my pc, I get a notification for a new e-mail. The push-notification on the phone (WiFi enabled) for the same e-mail comes several minutes later.
Where could the time be changed for shorter intervals, if I would like to?

Theres a setting for the refresh interval in the account

Thanks, I looked in settings > apps > …
(The shortest time I could choose is 5 min.)

For ne there is “keep always actual” on top

I don’t see it for “de”.

Immer aktuell? So heißt es bei mir

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I can’t see it ?

I had this issue on earlier versions.
When i configure an email account the first time the option was missing. Closing the configuration app, starting email and closing it and then reboot solves my problem. I can select ‘immer aktuell’.

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Hi, I tried your hint, but after a reboot i still can’t choose “Immer aktuell”, seems to be a bug.

Does anyone know, how I could edit the corresponding config-file (and which file) per ssh? That would help, too.

Maybe worth a try: delete the account, reboot the device, then install the account new?

Is the respective account in question configured as POP3 or IMAP? Sorry if I missed that information.

The setting is only available for IMAP accounts.


Ok, that’s the point, I’m using Pop3 ;-).
Thanks for your answer.

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