LTE & 4G CallingSupported?

I just got an SMS, does this affect me as a SailfishOS user?

Hi Nicholas, we have an important update for you:

EE will be switching off 3G in January 2024. Although your current device is compatible with 4G or 5G, it may be set to connect only to 3G. This means when
the 3G network switches off, you will need to use Wi-Fi to access the internet and services such as WhatsApp and Facebook on your phone, unless you change y
our settings.

Don't worry. To ensure your device is set up correctly, follow two simple steps within your settings:

1) Set Network mode to 4G or 5G

2) Make sure 4G Calling is switched on. It may be called "VoLTE" or "LTE", depending on your device.

Need guidance? Please visit our Device Help page select your device and follow the step-by-step guide on updating your se
ttings. You can click here to find out more about the nationwide 3G switch-off.

that depends on which device you use. If X10 ii or iii you’re fine, otherwise you’re screwed…
Maybe you still have 2G coverage, in that case you can use that for telephony.

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I got an Xperia X III

Then there is no problem, your device supports VoLTE and 4G.

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