Lottie animations in browser

hullo group, any chance our browser could disply lottie animation files? The seem to play nice on my other platforms, but not in Sailfish. Or should we better use GIF’s instead?

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Can you give an example page to test?

www.lottiefiles.com (many)
www.finsler.ch (just one)
My web design software uses these. Maybe I’ll switch to GIF.

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And in case you wonder, as I did, why it’s called ‘Lottie’ (my daughter is called Lotty) it’s after

big name for a small animation software, I’d say.
On a tech aspect, I’d like to learn what’s the advantages of lottie animations over GIF animations.
And, whether our #SailfishOS bowser can play GIF’s … yes it does.
Searching on the Internet, Lottie seems animation only, whereas GIF’s can be animation or short film scenes.