Loss of audio during phone calls, when established via 2G (GSM) [Xperia 10 iii]

HARDWARE: Sony Xperia 10 iii


Due to unknown reasons the loss of audio durin phone calls ocurred. Unlike other reported bugs, it was still possible to get audio feedback from the device in general (music via media player, audio recording via SF recorder or android message apps, etc), the device did ring once someone called its number, but the microphone and the speaker during the phone call have been absolutely silent once a call has been established via 2G services (GSM).


nothing special I’m aware of. The update to has been made 12 days ago at least. So far there have been made successful phone calls with that version. Phone has also been rebooted since the update and behaved completely normal.
Nokia Here navigation app was installed 5 or 6 days ago was the only additional change I’m aware of. But even then there were at least 2 phone calls I can remember, which worked perfectly fine since then.
[Edit] Described behavior has only been observed when using 2G services.


get called or call someone, simple as that


An audio signal so communication is possible for all those un-elevated minds not able to share information just by using their mental power. That would be very nice. :wink:


no sound during a phone call…


Nothing special: The only changes have been the update to, followed by the installation of here maps navigation app approx. one week later. After almost another week, the loss of audio during phone calls occurred.


I tried to lookup the issue here and found several threads describing something similar. But actually not the same issue. Either complete audio was lost (also for local recording to a file or media playback from the device) or ring-tones and notification sounds haven’t been played. This was all working for me: The phone rang, the music played, the audio-recording worked as the resulting file did actually contain the words I spoke to the microphone.
However, I did

  • restart the phone several times (reboot and shutdown and normal boot) → no change
  • kill and restart pulseaudio services (also in combination with mentioned reboot attempts) → no change
  • disabled sim card an enabled it again (also with and without rebooting attempt) → no change
  • as a last resort I did enable VOLTE - which was quite complex because,
    ** There is an item in the setting to enable it, but then you say in your thread for actually enable it, to issue a command. Should I do it first, afterwards, before or after a reboot?
    ** And then it was not mentioned that the command should be issued as root-user. I mean: How long is this thread alive since 4.4. and VOLTE beta came out? I know not everything can be perfect right from the start, but seriously? Those are tiny bits of information which can save hours here in ‘user-land’.
    ** In the end I registered/enabled VOLTE by the settings menu first and then issued the command which I think should do basically the same again, as root and finally I was able to receive a call via a 4G signal… aaaand (believe it or not):
    The sound via speaker and microphone was there again! So I’ll stay on VOLTE beta for now…

[Edit] As I found out that VoLTE doesn’t work for calls I initiate with the device, the issue persists in this case. When 2G (GSM) services are used to handle a phone call, the device transports no audio at all.[/Edit]

I don’t know how long it lasts, but I’m just happy that it works now. Maybe it helps others as well. But jolla-people, please: I did support you from jolla 1 and I feel safe to say that the quality of service especially regarding documentation but also the technical quality of features itself have been degrading in recent times. I know this doesn’t’ belong here, but in former times you managed to provide sufficient information in advance which turned out to be very reliable as long you’d just follow them carefully. It is no longer the case now. Also I cannot remember that impact of absolutely basic functionality of such a smartphone OS was in any danger to be that unstable in previous versions (audio or signal quality e.g. interruptions, low bitrates etc…, yes… maybe… but not a complete loss of functionality). Please stay focused and somehow help us to minimize the potential of such bugs and THEN take care of the fancy stuff!

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