Looking for Sony Xperia III for sale with Sailfish OS ,used condition

Hi, any Xperia for sale wit Sailfish OS preinstalled, I’m from UK

Hi, welcome to the forum. Are you looking for one with Sailfish X “free trial” installed so that you can purchase a license yourself or one that seller has to transfer existing license to you? Is it the problem of ensuring that bootloader can be unlocked or technical installation of Sailfish OS that is holding you back, as several used examples available upon Ebay UK currently? What is your budget and if prepared for marks upon back does screen need to free from all scratches or not? Whilst I am UK based and would be prepared to help, until you have spent more time upon forum the facility to post PM = Private Messaging will not be available to you yet.

Hi, I have no time and skills to install sailfish os, yes , free version is ok I can buy Jolla license anytime, phone don’t have to be new but not broken, My budget is 200-230£.Thanks

I’m using EE SIM card

Having sourced an example of used 10III for OP in the UK, I won’t be in a hurry to repeat the process. Approximately only 1 in 6 sellers upon Ebay UK can be bothered to respond to query " If you have already packed this device for despatch you can ignore this message, but I would like to know whether it is possible to unlock the bootloader. You need to open dialler (no SIM required) and enter ##7378423## to access the service menu. Tap Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status. If Bootloader unlock allowed says Yes".

Responses if any ranged from item already packed, to it will invalidate warranty and not part of the functional tests our engineers carry out on a used phone.

I’m jumping on this to see if anyone is looking to sell a 10 iii near NZ that is reasonably priced? Ideally nothing more than $400 NZ, or £200-250 including postage. Sadly Sony don’t sell here, so second hand ones are harder to come across. A 10 iv could would too, and I just play the waiting game.