Looking for SFOS equivalents of 2 Linux/Android apps

I managed to find a replacement for the vast majority of the apps that I need to run on a phone and I am happy with the options available as I probably don’t use that many apps anyway. However, there are few apps for which I did not find Sailfish equivalents and I wonder if there are any or if you use some commands to achieve similar goals.

  • Caffeine like app that inhibits screensaver for some minutes or till it is turned off manually. Use case: sometimes you want the screen to remain on so that you can pick on it without needing to constantly touch it.

  • App that can remove all metadata from photos prior to them being shared.


I haven’t used it, but I think Atomic Parsley can remove metadata…
There was an old app called Stay Awake, but probably doesn’t work anymore… mcetool could probably do it, or modify a Settings qml to make an option for “never” in display settings > turn off screen after __

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I came across this really old article a long time ago. As @Levone1 suggested, seems mcetool can do it.

7. Display always on?

  • Stay on (with the brightness by Settings)
    mcetool --set-demo-mode=on

You can make use of the command with qCommand, but looks like the developer had already included this feature in the app.

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ImageMagick (nephros on OpenRepos) can remove metadata.

$ convert input.jpg -strip output.jpg

Exiftool (ade on OpenRepos) should also work.

$ exiftool -all= input.jpg

Thanks for all the suggestions. I ultimately went for a combination of them and invoke mcetool via qCommand and exiftool using mediainfo-gui also from ade’s repo. Therefore both tasks can be completed using GUI, but it is also great to have the command line equivalents as they are sometimes more handy.