Looking for Sailfish app that can control smart plugs / power sockets?

Is there any Sailfish app existent that can be used to control a simple smart plug or wireless power socket?

Maybe Quartermaster?

What smart plug manufacturers can you recommend for such purposes?

Hi there,

you can use Quartermaster (I am the developer) to do this. But you need a running Homeassistant server on e.g. an Raspberry PI. Quartermaster can control all smartplugs and others that are controled by Homeassistant. There are lot of smart home devices supported. Just check the homeassistant homepage.
One of the cheapest solution (I use myself) are Tuya based products with Tasmota firmware flashed to get rid of the china cloud thing.

I also have an other app Kasa, which can control TP-Link smart plugs (HS100/HS110) directly. These plugs are not that cheap. Control is only possibel inside your own network. So no cloud. But you can use a vpn to get access when not at home.

There is also Tint and Scintillon for Philips Hue and compatible things like Innr.