Looking for native Sports Tracker

I’ve been using Laufhelden (from openrepos.net) but it’s been abandoned for a while, has anybody found a good native Sports Tracker with “open” in mind - meaning no signing up to dodgy online services, ability to import/export GPX files, etc.?
I mainly use it for running but a pretty generic one should suffice.


Kuri (https://openrepos.net/content/elboberido/kuri) is a fork of Laufhelden, though it is an Alpha release. Also, for GPX import / export I use that one too when I walk: https://openrepos.net/content/dcaliste/maep-qt I haven’t check if Kuri has import / export capabilities, unfortunately map doesn’t work well for me


I usually use OSM Scout for it. OSM Scout has a tracker.


I’ve been using Rena (OpenRepos) for walks.

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This is very good, thanks. You can use both in parallel while keeping all your activities as the author hasn’t changed the home directory yet.
It may be alpha, but works for what I do, and I found it less buggy than Laufhelden, which could be purely because it’s built with a recent SDK.