Looking for maintainer for 4 of my apps

Dear friends,
time goes by and I am finally considering the end of coding as hobby. For the last 2-3 years I have been able to develop and publish 12 of my open-source apps on Openrepos, for you wonderful SF community. Most of them are already in Mark’s capable hands, alias @poetaster, who took over maintenance.
Still, there are 4 apps left, which I am hoping someone would be willing to maintain in the future:

  • Bible Reader
  • Losungen
  • ImgOrganizer
  • MultiCounter

They will not require much attention, so if YOU would like to start coding or have capacity for maintaining, maybe even putting them on CHUM, please get in contact.

Best regards,


Thank you very much for your contributions Tobias and the beautiful apps!

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Hi Tobias. Could you please send me your source code location of the ImgOrganizer App. I would like to have a look on it. Bye and thank you tmindrup

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While I’m not a Qt c++ developer, I’ll take a look at bible reader this Saturday. I love the app, and know a bit about building etc.