Looking for hybris-boot.img for

Ahoi, fellow sailors.

I inadvertently broke my installation after playing around with lowmemorykiller values and a separate swap file.
Initially, things went pretty well. No more killed applications, although especially the browser seemed to eat away at the available memory - until the system slowly but steadily came to a grinding halt, after which I rebooted.
Or tried to. After the SailfishOS logo the screen went dark and the only (re)action I could get from the phone was a forced poweroff by simultaneously pressing Vol- and Power.

I booted into recovery mode with a recovery image and undid the changes, but when it came to reverting the boot partitions to the standard firmware, I realized that I don’t have the necessary hybris-boot.img matching the installation.

Is there a way to get a hold of one? Is there another way to get the phone into normal boot mode? Will I have to wait for the proper 4.6.0 release?

Thank you.

After a bit of fussing around, trying to get sfos-upgrade to re-install the (potentially) necessary packages from within the recovery image, I gave up, called it a day and went about to re-flash proper - which failed on the userdata step.
Since userdata was unaffected, I thought “What the hell”, unplugged the USB cable and hit the power button - and what can I say? My 10 III is back up and running.
I didn’t really expect that due to the version mismatch (and partial downgrade).