Looking for a way to log miles/km travelled

As per the title, I’m wanting to add an odometer to my speedometer applications, so I can log miles/kilometers travelled.

I have played with several methods, the closest I got was with the Haversine formula, but this only logs distance travelled as the crow flies, so a true 6km journey locally, is logged as only 4.2km.

Are there any map apps available for sailfish that have a method of logging distance travelled or can anyone point me to an example I can reuse?

Of course, I have spent many hours searching for ANY and all methods, but have yet to find something usable and understandable. All ideas welcomed.

Perhaps gpscon | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System ?
What you need is to save a GPX file, no?

I will look into that. No, I hadn’t thought about GPX at all, but sounds like a valid option to explore, thanks.

Osm scout, kuri and laufhelden


I am using LiveTrack | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System for tracking my bike rides to a self-hosted Traccar server. Livetrack sends location data once every few minutes to save battery, and Traccar has some nice reporting features.

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Same. But with nextcloud phonetrack.

I would really like to use my nextcloud instead of traccar, but it seems there is no mobile app similar to traccar manager, allowing to watch someone else’s location.
When I am mountain biking in the middle of nowhere, my wife wants to be able to watch my location on her phone, and traccar seemed the only self-hosted solution for that.