Looking for a Jolla C1 Phone or Intex Aquafish

Hi all,

I think the best option for me to test out SFOS is to get the original Jolla C1 Phone or Intex Aquafish

Does anyone have a spare one for sale in good condition?

If so, what OS version is it running?


Based on what? It’s an old cheaply made low-spec phone getting its last update with the current one.

You say that like it isn’t trivial to update (or factory reset).

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It will run anything between 2.0.2(?) and 4.6, but it’s pointless, imagine trying out android with a 9 year old phone
Edit: also as a limited run device you’re better off looking for intex aquafish, you’ll pay a lot more for that jolla logo even though hw will be the same due to collectors

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I don’t really care about how old is the phone as long as it works for what i need.

Where can one get this intex aquafish? Is there anyone here who might want to sell it?

I’m just looking for a simple phone for someone, to access youtube and fb messenger without those crap ai assistants.

It is such a simple thing, yet not a single company makes it.

I would go with the iphone 7, can get it used for nearly 50 bucks here in decent condition but it has to come with that crap siri, that even when you turn off, still records what you say and etc.

That’s not happening on those outdated phones.

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Well at least playing youtube without lag would be good.

Like attah already said, not going to happen.
I have both jolla 1 and C. They’re nice for nostalgia trips but that’s about it.

… and Jolla C’s / Intex Aquafish’s hardware was at best low-midrange at that point (i.e. nine years ago).

Edit: also as a limited run device you’re better off looking for intex aquafish, …

Not really, because it supports primarily Indian cellular bands (2G & 3G, that is), which does only have some overlap with European bands.

Furthermore an Aquafish has to be reflashed to mimic a Jolla C, or upgrading stops at SailfishOS 3.0.0 (or was it 3.0.1 or 3.0.2?).


Sure, but aquafishes should still be a lot more common/cheaper on second hand market was my main point (and don’t remember any threads about them being unusable on some eu carriers as with sfos US support, but maybe missed those)
Edit: good point on having to tweak them to be proper jc’s and get updates up to 4.6, still an absurd idea to use decade old phone to test OS

and the reflash script is old too somewhere on together.jolla and does not work oob anymore.
I did not for me 5 years back, had to change something in tge script …

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I would try SFOS with an XA2 as they are cheap these days.
Here in France, they often come around 40-60€ second hand.
I’m using the XA2 daily and it still fulfills my (quite modest) needs perfectly.

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Can you tell me if the Sony’s Xperia (any model) kernel is just a normal linux kernel or is it made for a specific os?

Or does installing Sailfish Os already rebuilds and compiles a new kernel?

At least try to keep to the topic?
(And search and you shall find).


I did search but find no information regarding which kind of kernel is used on jolla products.

My question belongs to the topic, since i am interested in the phones, i want to know if they just use someone’s kernel or have their own.

Not necessarily, I never reflashed mine but used the script offered by coderus at Jolla Together which replaces the Aqua Fish specific packages with Jolla C packages to make it appear as Jolla C.

Reflashing might be simpler though than factory reseting the Aqua Fish and then OTA updating in steps until the specific version of SF which is the sweet spot for the script to work.

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Sorry, absolutely correct; that is what I faintly remembered, but wrongly denoted.

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You weren’t wrong, in the same thread there also was a flashable image for Jolla C that you could flash on your Aqua Fish to make it permanently a “Jolla C” so that you wouldn’t have to run the script again every time when you reset your phone and it reverts back to a factory state Aqua Fish. But back in the day flashing my phone wasn’t a thing I was comfortable with. :grinning:

Happy so sell my original Jolla C. In very good condition, fully functioning, and running the latest Sailfish OS version seamlessly. I still keep the original box. Overall, priceless for Jolla collectors :slight_smile:

Hi, I want to sell my Intex Aquafish running the latest sailfish version. Mint condition. I am from India. Reach out to me for the deal.

Why are you then not just buying a second hand sailfish os device in good condition. I got one for 100 € and the performance is good, ok there are bugs, but these are known. And if you enjoy the OS, you can go for the C2 or also a newer device :slight_smile: