Logs about calendar

Does someone have an idea what does it mean and what I first should look at? Thanks in advance.

calendardataservice[6396]: [D] unknown:0 - Messaging :  opening database
calendardataservice[6396]: [D] unknown:0 - Default plugin: account "38" do not have a valid email address
calendardataservice[6396]: [W] unknown:0 - Default account was not found!

Some context? I’m hunting for a calendardataservice in the systemd units without much success. Journalctl doesn’t reveal ANY of these kinds of messages (for instance, opening messaging, rebooting) … Under what circumstances do you see those entries?

This is some noise due to the (default) invitation handling. Each time the calendar storage is opened (here by the event view calendar widget or more accurate by the daemon providing calendar resource to the widget), there is a check done to get the associated email address of the calendar. If there is no email address (perfectly valid case), it is warning (useless noise).

For more details:

  • the warning message is defined in mkcal/plugins/defaultinvitationplugin/defaultinvitationplugin.cpp,
  • the call comes from nemo-qml-plugin-calendar/src/calendarworker.cpp when listing all calendars in storage on opening, see notebook.emailAddress = mKCal::ServiceHandler::instance().emailAddress(mkNotebook, mStorage);
  • the third line is also some noise from the default invitation plugin, since the calendar is not storing any email address, it is then poking the email messaging daemon to get the default email account. And for whatever reason, it is returning none of them.

This is not really a sign of issue except if you plan to send calendar invitations. But you should use an account that support it, like EAS or CalDAV one. And in that case, the noisy default invitation plugin will not be used anyway.

Creating a PR to minimise the noise could be a good idea ; )

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