Logilink USB-Bluetooth dongle

Just came across this cheap and handy USB-C bluetooth dongle on ebay:

I wonder if it would be somehow feasible to use it for AlienDalvik Bluetooth connectivity? As far as I understood, AD is a somewhat near to complete Android system running in a container. Thus, if it was possible to somehow map/passthrough the USB-host functionality to AD it may not only be possible to connect USB-C devices in general to Android apps, but also Bluetooth devices through the dongle.
I feel this function is desperately missed by many, if not all, SailfishOS users. When will it become available? Thank you!

Keyword may.
I think i wrote something about USB-passthrough somewhere here.
I later figured out how to try; but could not get lxc to accept it… probably better to experiment with USB-passthrough on another device first to be sure what makes up a working config, if it needs to be privileged and whatnot.

I think it is optimistic to think it will just work.

This phrasing just grinds my gears something immense. Why does it have to be somebody else’s problem?
Why not try to make it yourself?

Isn’t alien dalvik closed source?
May be possible on waydroid though.
I’ll order a dongle and check it out once I find the time.

The container config is still very much editable.

May somehow work in waydroid.

Can anybody confirm this?
I found this lxc config for usb passthrough as well:

Maybe worth a try.