Lock bootloader of sony xa 2


I returned to Android and now I want relock the bootloader of my sony xa 2.



As far as I know this is not possible.
You might try using the Xperia Flash tool, but while having done so, my XA2’s bootloader is still unlocked

I’ve never used an XA2, but it’s definitely possible on other Xperias. I’ve done it with Flashtool by Androxyde, but in that case, I had also used Flashtool to unlock it, using the code provided by Sony, so Flashtool stores the code, and you can go back and forth, (process is the same for both - using “blu” button).
Re-locking the bootloader will not restore TA (drm keys). On some phones, there are tools that can dump your TA bedore unlocking, and restore it when you want to, but I don’t know about XA2. Really the only benefit of it that I know of, is if you’re wanting to get a new ota update, or claim some warranty or something.