[localisation] Translation strings for the Sailfish OS release 4.2.0

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Hello again dear language fellows!

We are starting a translation round the next Sailfish OS release 4.2.0.

It has around 170 strings to be translated depending on a language. The deadline for this round is Sunday the 20th of June inclusively.

Some strings have changed projects (we’re busy tidy up the source code:), that’s why you’ll find that they say “Needs work” e.g. in the declarative-transferengine-qt5. It’s always a good thing to revisit translations.

A kind reminder:

  • Always use “English (United Kingdom)” as the source for your translations please, not Engineering English. Some translations are still doing it the wrong way.
  • Please try to check old terms used, to keep consistency: e.g. if unsure how to translate the word “device”, put the word in the Search box to see how it has been previously translated into your language.
  • The same goes for language style (e.g. how to address the user).
  • Feel free to keep improving any old translations.
  • Finally, please note if there is a comment on a string to e.g. keep the translation short or some other guidance (via the “Content instructions” meta-language).

Without further ado, head to https://translate.sailfishos.org and follow the topmost link for Getting started if you’re there for the first time :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, please post them under the Localisation section.

Thank you & regards,

Jarkko & sledges


Dear helpers,

We have just pushed out one late string:) sailfish_browser-he-edit-bookmark

Thank you for your valuable input!
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We are giving more time for this round until the end of Wednesday, 23 June, as it contains more words than strings (due to long descriptions), and we had requests to do so from some languages that weren’t yet translated, e.g.: [4.2.0] round 1: too many strings for too few days

This localisation round has been extended until the end of July, so you have one whole month to give more love, especially for :bulgaria:Bulgarian, :denmark:Danish (suggestions available, @Louis’ review needed) , :de:German, :it:Italian, :lithuania:Lithuanian, :portugal:Portuguese, :romania:Romanian, :ru:Russian and :tr:Turkish :slight_smile:

Hello again!

We have 2 new strings to further some fixes for 4.2.0:

permission-la-microphone and permission-la-microphone_description

Many thanks and happy 2nd summer’s month!

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