Live debugging very slow

I am trying the qml live tool. But whenever i start it a ton of log messages scrolls in the application output. I need to wait several minutes until the application starts.

I am debugging the application running on my phone which is connected via usb

The log that scrolls by and isn’t visible when starting the application podqast looks like this.

Listening on port 10000
Remote debugging from host
limiting remote suggested packet size (18431 bytes) to 16384
Process /usr/bin/sailfish-qml created; pid = 31830
Could not load vsyscall page because no executable was specified
try using the "file" command first.[D] unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
library "" not found
library "" not found
[D] unknown:0 - QML Debugger: Waiting for connection on port 10001...
[I] unknown:0 - qmlliveruntime-sailfish initialized
[I] unknown:0 - Waiting for connection from QmlLive Bench…
[W] unknown:0 - content to large to be received. max size:  10485760
[W] unknown:0 - 	incomplete header
[W] unknown:0 - invalid header line:  "�\t�\t\u0016\bW\u0007,\u0006�\u0006�\u00062\u0005�\u0005O\u0004�"
[W] unknown:0 - invalid header line:  "\u0006\u0017%\u001B\u0001oindexpodpost_hrefpodpost\u000BCREATE INDEX \"podpost_href\" ON \"podpost\" (\"href\")P\t\u0006\u0017%\u001B\u0001oindexpodpost_guidpodpost"

    [W] unknown:0 - 	incomplete header
    [W] unknown:0 - invalid header line:  "</a>"
    [W] unknown:0 - 	incomplete header
    [W] unknown:0 - invalid header line:  "<img class=\"podlove-contributor-button\" alt=\"Facebook Icon\" width=\"20\" height=\"20\" src=\"http:/

From the log it looks like some python debug output is clogging this thing up.
Or it is not some trace logging but…?

Ideas why this happens?

I would try to restrict the workspace of QmlLive so that it does not attempt to sync too much. Go to Projects > Run Settings > Sailfish OS Application Settings > Enable receiving updates with Qt QmlLive and restrict Bench workspace to the subdirectory with QML files. Update Target workspace accordingly.

With the default project layout this means to append /qml to the original path in the Bench workspace field and set the Target workspace field to qml (relative path, without leading slash).

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I tried it, but it doesnt seem to honor the settings. When it starts QmlLive it just uses the default workspace again.

I also proposed an update to the documentation, which is still a draft, because it doesnt work yet:


I’ve had this happen when I’m debugging apps that ship large binary bits (for instance a 6 mb sqlite database). to get around it, I usually remove the binary in question from the pro and copy it by hand.

Works for me. Maybe you just need to hit [Enter] in the Bench workspace field after editing it, or simply use the Auswählen button to browse for the subdir. The effect can be seen immediately in a running QmlLive Bench without need to restart it.

Just to clarify, since python is involved in the linked example, python updates are not made when using qml live?