List of Qt 5.15 / QtQuick2 / Kirigami Applications

This thread is a place to document / /list applications build using the new Qt 5.15 based APIs, such as QtQuickComponents 2, and KDE Kirigami.

KDE Project Applications:
KTrip - Public Transport Application
Elisa - Media Player
Angelfish - Web Browser
Keysmith - TOTP Authenticator
Kasts - podcast client
Tokodon - Mastodon client

Other Applications:
Noson - Sonos controller
News Fish - Nextcloud offline news reader

Please list any additions below


KDE Itinerary - digital travel assistant

would be nice to have for traveling

As discussed prior (Get another (Linux-) E-Mail client?) the Kube email client ( could be nice.

Is this intended as a wishlist or a documentation of available apps?


Primarily documentation of available apps, but ive no problem people posting suggestions, hopefully some dev might then pick them up.


Added Kasts podcast client


Tokodon mastodon client would be quite nice addon: Network / Tokodon · GitLab

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Done, it is now in chum


Thanks a lot, tokodon seems to work well.

Hm, is it already supposed to be visible in chum-gui? because i can neither see tokodon nor kasts…

KeePassXC looks like it is a qt application… GitHub - keepassxreboot/keepassxc: KeePassXC is a cross-platform community-driven port of the Windows application “Keepass Password Safe”.

Although I prefer keepassdx because of the native nextcloud integration, but that is android only…

only in, so check what version you are on

I had to open chum → applications → upper pulley → show all packages. Then it showed up.

(and kasts with selfhosted nextcloud-gpodder integration seems to sync and get started)

Ok, so I tested Tokodon. It’s ok. But not very impressive for something with a C++ backend. tooter is almost entirely (but for uploads), in JS and feels much more snappy. If buggy :wink: Did anyone figure out how to display bookmarks in Tokodon?

In any case, I now have even more reason to iron out bugs (and finally implement edits) in tooterb :slight_smile:


Neochat for Matrix

Kaidan for XMPP (in progress XMPP in Sailfish, how to start? - #39 by poetaster)

Sooo, this does actually build:

But of course, it’s a standard Qt Gui application using Widgets so I suspect it has the usual problems with Menus etc.
It does have a keepassxc-cli tool though so maybe someone can build on that.

Since we already have ownKeepass, I don’t really see the point…


ownKeepass is abandoned and not maintained for a long time and do not support additional credentials as key file/hardware key.

ownkeepass does support a keyfile, and i use that…
what might be a nice app to create would be a sfos UI for nextcloud passwords

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I agree. But it was interesting to see whether it would work, and the cli tool may be interesting to some.