List of installed apps

How do I get a list of installed apps from:

  • Jolla store
  • OpenRepos

Is it somehow possible to use this list on another phone to install all the apps in the shell?

List what repos you have configured:

zypper lr

Select a repo to list packages from, e.g. store:

zypper pa -ir store

Should be possible to use as a template for installing, but takes a bit more scripting with adding repos etc.
But i haven’t looked in to that, since i like the implicit opportunity of cleaning out unused apps…


For apps from openrepos you can use Storeman. It will be easier then writting scripts.


You may also take a look on TJC where this has been discussed some time ago.

There should be more because I remember to have answered on such question some time ago…
First one is for android data/app listing. Second similar to attah’s approach.

If you need to move app data to new device you can use
But you have to compile this app by yourself.

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That’s nice! Then you can do something like

for repo in $(ssu lr | awk '/^ - /{ print $2}') ; do zypper pa -ir $repo ; done | awk -F\| '/^i/{print $3}'

to get all installed packages (not Apps!) or

for repo in apps store ; do zypper pa -ir $repo ; done | awk -F\| '/^i/{print $3}'

to get all “Apps” (with supporting libraries) or

for repo in $(ssu lr | awk '/^ - openrepos/{ print $2}') ; do zypper pa -ir $repo ; done | awk -F\| '/^i/{print $3}'

to find all packages from OpenRepos. Nice!


I regularly comile software on linux. But how do I compile software for sailfish? It seams cumbersome with touch. Should ssh be used. But how about the tool chain? Or is the binary compiled on a computer and moved to the phone. I remember this was how it was done on N9 and N900.

cheers bernd