Links wont open in Sailfish browser

So had an issue when I installed the Fernschreiber app. Afterwards clicking on any link would take me to the app instead of to the browser, the only way out would be to restart the phone. I uninstalled the app but then links wouldn’t open at all.
I installed Webcat to see what would happen, I did get a prompt to open the link in Webcat. It now gives me the option to open the link in either Webcat or Fernschreiber.

I remember reading about someone that had a similar issue years ago (with a different app) but I cannot remember what the solution was.

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Looks like it’s the same issue that this one :

Thats the issue. Will follow that post, thanks for pointing that out.

I had the same (similar) issue when I installed Webcat in the days when it was better than the Jolla browser. Webcat ‘stole’ the option for opening links from the Jolla browser by default. When I then deleted Webcat, the app had gone but the mime entry (or whatever) was still there to open links in webcat, the result being that links were never opened by anything.

The solution was to edit some configuration file and edit the entry for HTTP/HTTPS to go back to the Jolla browser. Somebody here kindly told me how to do this, but I’m afraid I can’t remember now.

Somebody will know here though!

Yes it was Webcat that I had read about previously. I’ll look into it!