Linking error in SDK

Sorry if this turns out to be something daft I have done/not done correctly, I was attempting to sort out some Openssl issues in Hutspot and solved the C issues only to have the linker fail with the following:

spconnect.o:-1: error: undefined reference to symbol ‘BN_num_bits@@OPENSSL_1_1_0’

Which looks to me like it was unable to find the Openssl lib during linking. I am targeting SailfishOS-, the -lssl and -lcrypto options are in the makefile, my understanding is it should link in from the target libs?

I assume you are asking about

I would try to replace QMAKE_LFLAGS += ... with PKGCONFIG += openssl. (Attention: Do not add CONFIG += link_pkgconfig as this is already implied and qmake breaks when this is added multiple times.)

Also ensure that you have no leftovers from older build for different architecture.

Thank you, that seems to have solved the linking issue. Still on a learning curve!