Linking app volume to system volume

As per the question title. For example; I choose to have a volume slider in my music application, when I drag that slider, it controls main system volume. Is this possible?, I can’t see a way to do it.

Well it would have to be implemented in the music app, no?
Essentially I don’t see why not, but there might be limitations I’m not aware of (Qt implementation, Linux permissions).

But pulseaudio has its own opinionated mechanism how app & system volume relate to each other. There are ways to influence that though.

What are your reasons for asking this question?

My reason for asking?, pretty obvious isn’t it?, I want to link my apps volume with system control, I thought I made that clear, no?

I thought you were hoping to solve a particular problem. I’m just not quite sure why this is so important to you. Often it helps to ask more to get to the actual problem behind the first question.

If this irritates you I will stop now.

edit: I just realized that no SFOS app I know of has a separate volume slider. But volume can be adjusted with hardware buttons or through the Settings or the pulldown menu, both Ringtone and media.

The question is not important at all, it was more out of curiosity and if it worked, I’d consider using it.

I found a patch by coderus, that separates volume and ring control and the volume bar can be dragged by finger, but I’m not looking for this and I stopped using patchmanager years ago.

No matter, like I usually do, I’ll ask my questions on

Thanks anyway.

I could be wrong, but could this be something: