Limit to file system in AlienDalvik

Is there a limitation for accessing the file system in AlienDalvik means that an Android App can store only a certain size of data? Background: WhatsApp makes an Error at downloading pictures. If I delete some pictures or movies and then it works again.
Can this limit be adjusted by ulimit or in another way?

I don’t know how big your Whatsapp folder is, but mine is 4,52 GB on XA2 3.4 and haven’t seen any problems yet.

The Media folder shows 213 MB, Databases 10 MB and Backups 400 kB
Settings → Apps → WhatsApp shows: Total 95 MB, App 45 MB and Data 50 MB

Without deeper knowledge, it doesn’t seem to be about limitation of how much android app can use. What is your phone and Sailfish version? I don’t know if I can help much, but maybe someone can with that information.

It is a Xperia X (F5121) with 64 GB in total and 28.8 GB free memory.
There is running the actual Sailfish