Lightweight sailfish for old smartphones?

a lightweight sailfish for oldies phones?


im looking for a way to install sailfish on old (2012/15) android phones
all running stock old andro 4x, where id like to know how to install old version of sailfish,
or newer one as kind of lightweight edition for them…
those are samsung, wiko, htc, alcatel, old xperias…

if you have an idea to change the software and see how to get a lightweight sailfishos on them (all can be 3/4G)


I think with Sailjail it’s not doable :frowning:

This old Devices from 2012-2015 are even too slow/less RAM for LineageOS to use it as Daily-Driver. While the Sony Xperia X Compact was a nice small Device, i could see how slow it was for Webbrowsing, launching Apps…etc. It’s a big Pity!

Just use the last version before SailJail introduction?

To be clear I don’t think SailJail per se adds too much overhead, but I remember an uptick in resource usage around that time.

We cannot get a port for modern devices, who (and why) would waste time to port to devices which could barely run the OS?

I thought OP would?


What’s OP, sorry? (20 chars)

to avoid getting those old devices being trashed?
it’s a waste of electronics…

lineageos still have lot to do to be known for the general public ; just to see, how sailfish, regarding the fact they support a very limited number of devices, even eelo/murena is almost unknown (less than hundred devices is almost nothing :frowning: )

“Original Poster”. From Wikipedia:

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Came here to mention that UBPorts on my OnePlus One would still be daily drivable except for mobile network changes in the US. But then I tried to login to this forum with latest browser available in latest OS for the device and it couldn’t sign in. So I won’t post that. Agree with the sentiment about wasting electronics, now increased by one more. I am posting this from somewhat newer OP6T, so at least backup phone works (in USA) till day after April Fools 2024…
Meant to add :frowning:

Sailfish is a much leaner OS than LineageOS and I imagine it’s easy to turn off most of the animations.

I used @Mister_Magister’s MotoG 2014 port for a year or so and it was nice.
There is a list of the older ports here.

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moto g2 mentioned! I’m still using it to this day and I’m not the only one, 1GB ram + 1GB zram lesgo


Sounds exciting. Let us know how you get along and which devices you decide on porting.

I expected this for a long time, however since I flashed /e/OS on my XA2+ I realized that /e/OS runs much more smoothly on a XA2+ than SailfishOS 4.5.

What exactly runs more smoothly? Native apps?

apps launch quicker, apps present their content smoother, switching apps is snappier.

I’d even say that /e/OS on XA2+ is snappier than SFOS on 10iii.

Of course SFOS apps are not available on /e/OS so you cannot compare 1:1.

Yes that’s fairly meaningless if you’re talking about Android apps.

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on my side, i have “fixed” by dangerously root/manipulate the ESP parittion of my xz2 to obtain volte, with my provider (in late on volte/vowifi), but now, it works (on lineage)

for my others devices, i prefer postmarket than sailfish, for the moment, testing, for various personal reasons.

that was my feedback, thanks for anwser :slight_smile: