Let users to authorize more permissions to apps

Just like authorize apps to get stored passswords.We can authorize apps to visit Downloads directory,sync contact…
If an app want to get contacts permission,there would be a hint like"This app want to get your contacts information,do you allow it?"If we want to authorize this app ,we need input our lockscreen password or press fingerprint button.


I don’t think this works like this… basically the program either has access to what it wants or not; the user saying “you can also access Y” doesn’t mean that the program will automatically know how to access and use Y.

Jolla should do something about app permission management just like what they promised in gallery’s Sailfish OS 3 blueprint video.

Seems like something like this is implemented in 4.0. I’ve gotten permission pop ups on 3 or 4 apps in XA2…

It’s getting closer at least!

Just out of curiosity, so far every time I opened an app that requested permissions I didn’t really have time to look at it, does the dialog allow to only grant a part of the requested permissions and is there a way to revoke stuff after you chose to allow or only from CLI?