Launchers don't start android apps after updating Suomenlinna to Vanha Rauma

Normal application launchers for Android apps stopped working after Sailfish Xperia 10 system update.
Touching Android apps launchers doesn’t start to load anything.

I tested removing and installing couple of the Android apps and it seem to help.
I can also start the apps from Settings - Applications - Android Settings
I can start the apps from terminal copying the Exec= line from the android app launcher .desktop file found in /usr/share/applications

This desktop entry e.x. is working now when I touch the launcher after I removed the application and reinstalled from Aptoide:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=apkd-launcher com.whatsapp.apk com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.Main

This doesn’t work, I haven’t reinstalled it yet

[Desktop Entry]

Are the three last lines in desktop file causing trouble?
I had aliendalvik-control installed until Vanha Rauma update and before the update I removed the aliendalvik-control as recommended, I removed it entering this in terminal:
devel-su rpm -e --noscripts aliendalvik-control

Has anyone had similar issue?
How to fix all the Android launchers or is it best to reinstall all Android apps?

I got my Xperia 10 android applications desktop launcher files already working without reinstalling

I’m afraid I shouldn’t have used the --noscripts option when removing aliendalvik-control. I trusted that option --noscripts was necessary (was first hit from google search results for words ‘remove aliendalvik-control’. The user commented Mon, 2020/09/28 - 10:08 to coderus about uninstall problems when using ‘devel-su pkcon remove aliendalvik-control’:

is that uninstall problem or --noscripts option anyway related?

Anyways I’m sure the same text lines in desktop launcher entries don’t play nice when starting Android apps in Vanha Rauma if the Android desktop launcher files are left with those three text lines.

From the aliendalvik rpm scriptlet and source code it appears to do something for the three lines when uninstalling:

rpm -qp --scripts aliendalvik-control-9.3.1-1.armv7hl.rpm
preuninstall scriptlet (using /bin/sh):
if [ "$1" = "0" ]; then
    systemctl stop aliendalvik-control ||:
    if /sbin/pidof aliendalvik-control > /dev/null; then
        killall -9 aliendalvik-control ||:

#    systemctl-user stop aliendalvik-control-edge ||:
#    if /sbin/pidof aliendalvik-control-edge > /dev/null; then
#        killall -9 aliendalvik-control-edge ||:
#    fi

    if /sbin/pidof aliendalvik-control-share > /dev/null; then
        killall -9 aliendalvik-control-share ||:

    /usr/bin/aliendalvik-control restore ||:
    /usr/bin/update-desktop-database ||:

Here the possibly related part in aliendalvik-control source code:

What ever the issue in package or removing of aliendalvik-control is the below workaround restored the desktop launchers for me.

I looked first what files and strings that aliendalvik-control package preuninstallation scriptlet play with in /usr/share/applications:

# find . -name apkd_launcher_\*.desktop | xargs -i grep -E 'MimeType|X-Maemo-Method|X-Maemo-Object|X-Maemo-Service' '{}' 

Next I simply removed the lines from my android app desktop launcher files:
(SIC! only from the launcher_*.desktop files!)

# find . -name apkd_launcher_\*.desktop | xargs -i sed -i '/MimeType\|X-Maemo-Method\|X-Maemo-Object\|X-Maemo-Service/d' '{}'

# find . -name apkd_launcher_\*.desktop | xargs -i grep -E 'MimeType|X-Maemo-Method|X-Maemo-Object|X-Maemo-Service' '{}'

# update-desktop-database

The last one is needed to update database cache in the system for any desktop file mime changes
Now when I touch the desktop launchers all my Android applications start as expected