[Latvian] Request to be a coordinator

I’m done translating(with exception to 3 cases I will be asking in different post).

I would suggest to automatically accept:
(with exception to suggestions that starts with ###)

  1. all suggestions, that are the only single ones - mine or from other contributor - I also approve their translation.
  2. if there are more than one suggestion, please use mine over others, unless it starts with ###, then leave it for manual approval or disapproval - they are described in 4 5 and 6
  3. (this should not exist, but I might have overlooked) if there are more than one suggestion and none of them are mine, do not approve any

Rest might be too complicated to be done automatically, and might be left for manual approval:

  1. anywhere where there is only one suggestion of mine, that starts with ### and there is also present second suggestion, please discard ALL suggestions(including the one with ###), as my comment was about that original was correct and suggested is wrong
  2. (should not exist)If for some reason there coexist two suggestions of mine, where one starts with ###, use the one that does not have ###
  3. If there are more than 2 suggestions and one of them is mine with ###, probably one of them from others is right and ### describes which one it is



Liels paldies!

It is heart-warming to see you have translated the language of my homeland’s sibling:)

We are reaching out to the current coordinator (akerran), who started accepting couple of your suggestions last week, to ask if they’re OK with auto-acceptance and new active coordinator.

If all goes well (and it should, as you certainly have merited a role!), we should be able to take all Latvian into SFOS for this L10n round already, but have you got a keyboard layout handy (it’s another requirement to officialise a language:)
I believe these two are the closest candidates to be rebased:

Good news we’ve gotten green light from akerran!

I have looked into your suggestions (and auto-accepted the first batch according to 1. for non-empty target strings), now noticed that the punctuation is following Engineering English, whereas the translation should follow English UK. One quick example:

Pootle lists the plural formula for Latvian language to be (n%10==1 && n%100!=11 ? 0 : n != 0 ? 1 : 2), this is why we have 3 plural forms. If the 2nd and 3rd are the same, please repeat them:
(see Translate the OS - SailfishOS Documentation paragraph starting with “Which brings to a point <…>”)

Initially I was under impression, that Engineered English was the one that was to be followed(also it is always present and right above translation line). I’ve followed the British UK in my second go where I could remember, because I encountered some botched up engineered english samples and after looking up in in German translation style or in forum I might have encountered rule that British UK had to be used instead. I do remember this one and even if I had added another language sample for Russian, still for some reasons I followed engineered one, so it is a mistake. I might also have left some of the engineered ones, if the translation was carrying same or better meaning.

Great to know. It was a mystery to me.

If I understand it correctly, then 3rd form(value 2 in that oneliner) would be only provided for number 0. That would only be correct if the numeric value is provided and not word, that is equivalent of nothing, that might have singular form by itself. British UK makes me think, that it can be shortened and 0 can be considered as a plural form:
n!=0 && n%10==1 && n%100!=11 ? 0 : 1

0 outputs for singular cases
1 outputs for plural and 0

Well, I remember that I probably filled only one of these 3rd forms and left it as it was in British UK format with 2 values only, and rest of them I left empty. Could it be possible to fill third option(as clearly 0 seconds, minutes, hours might be visible on screen somewhere) with exactly the same values from 2nd plural form? Latvian doesn’t use different plural forms for the same word - it is either single or plural.

About keyboards - they do not look Latvian, but modified QWERTY, which does not make much sense for typing Latvian words. If I have to think, then Android also is not providing Latvian keyboard layout.

Tilde developed the one that I have seen in wikipedia(ŪGJRMV):

It contains Ŗŗ and less significant Ōō and - doesn’t look that the offered even have these letters(that despite wiki information is still considered valid letters).

Well, I might look into this, but probably in next month.

If akerran is active coordinator, that is great. I would rather have a crowd in this and have this only as a side project to kill time, which might be too much if things get busy again.

I have auto-accepted according points 1. and 2. all the strings, which do not have plural and their Eng. English is equal to English UK or US.

2nd and 3rd plural forms are not always equal IIRC:
1 fotoattēls
2 fotoattēli
0 fotoattēlu

For Lithuanian we have two layouts: QWERTY with diacritics as accents for those used to the English layout (that being the default, due to too many frowned faces otherwise), and ĄŽERTY (LST 1205-92), which I used daily, because that’s much faster than to wait for accents list to pop up:)

To ĄŽERTY’s accents I’ve added letters with stress marks (rarely used, but brings us ahead of Androids:)
Although I recall that in Latvian every first syllable is stressed, so no real requirement there:) could still follow the same principle of two keyb. layouts.

I’ve added you as coordinator, as akerran OKed that and I believe they hadn’t had the capacity to be an active coordinator. Two is definitely better than one:)

Please tell me if you would like more auto-accepting of suggestions of any established criterion.

P.S. Highly recommended to “bake” a local package once translation is over 90% to test out on actual device (including the locale changes for date and time etc.) Instructions here: https://github.com/martonmiklos/unofficial-jolla-translation or you can ping the author on this forum.

I’m slightly rusty in these. To be fair, if I have to think about this, then this is right, in using nulle mēnešu, dienu, stundu.
I probably need to have a consultation on this, as the main issue here was that I would not use 0 in natural language, but instead of iezīmēts 0 fotoattēlu, I would use neviens fotoattēls nav iezīmēts, as there were choices for that output.

Well, to be fair, my whole look on this was that getting to 99% as main target and after that it is always possible to correct things to perfection. Then I have to install OS, to get it going and eventually some of these things will stick out like sore thumbs and have to be corrected. I will look through these eventually.

That is something I’m planning to do the whole next day. The biggest issue is that I haven’t been doing things like that for some time and this is simply scary.

I have a phone with QWERTY physical keyboard, so that should be one corresponding physical layout, though for touch screen there should be choices, including AZERTY and others. I personally for some time am getting annoyed to use QWERTY on touch screen - every next character I am typing in Latvian always is on other side and then I get errors, so that is frustrating… so it looks a great idea to modify other keyboards and I’m sure that there must be another one, that has all the Latvian characters.

By all means, use anything that sounds natural. My example was to simply show, that I cannot auto-accept all plural forms by copying the 2nd to the 3rd field.

I can give you an auto-generated list of strings that have plural forms. Similarly for the ones where engineering English isn’t equal to English UK/US. Alternatively, I could just accept all regardless, and you could sideload the self-generated pack for tests.

You can always ping @martonmiklos for help:) he’s always quick to generate an installable language pack.

Yes, just follow the Lithuanian example, and provide two layouts, is my recommendation. One QWERTY with accents, one ŪGJRMV (if that’s easier to switch to for most Latvian speaking folk out there).

Well, apparently I will skip this. I will finish reviews on translations though, as otherwise it potentially would be left not done.

My phone has developed some faults and repairing it might take some time. And switching to Sailfish OS might be a great adventure, if I was into that mindset to be a tester, but dealing with too many things at the same time is too much multi-tasking(which easily leads to perpetual hell) for me and that is what I want to avoid.

Thanks for finishing reviewing the strings.
I have now baked the RPM for any Latvian-speaking folks to try out on SFOS devices: https://github.com/sledges/unofficial-jolla-translation/releases/download/lv%2F0.0.1/unofficial-jolla-language-pack-lv-0.0.1-1.noarch.rpm
I must say it looks really nice on device:)

Unfortunately akerran has jumped the gun and accepted all incomplete plural forms. You can find most of them by searching for %n in the tool and then checking the Latvian forms. Once done, I can then fish out the remaining plural forms (if any).

I hope your phone gets the needed fix swiftly:)

Well, it is not easily fixed, as my headspeaker(the main one that is used for ear) has died - I can only hear other people, if I have turned on other headspeaker on public output or if I plug in headphones in 3,5mm jack. Also, microphone of a phone is acting up - it seems, that there are some contack issues with the metalic case. So, well… at this point there are too many issues to solve for my mental health, where my main goal is not to worry about anything.

So, also - with so many issues if I am testing out Sailfish OS on a phone I might be limited in understanding what is going on.

And from what I have read, there seems to be no update(or lagging behind) on 4G support for F(x)tec Pro phones and that is a big NO from me. Basically at this point I have to get another phone and I’m looking on some of the phones I would like to have and they have no Sailfish support. And looking on Sailfish OS support for phones list, it starts to look dusty - I can be a believer for some time but in the end there are some other reli… I mean mobile OS, that are doing the same what Sailfish OS is doing or have a niche of security, like Pure OS, or hardware security, like Caterpillar phones. I think it might be better if Sailfish OS produced their own phone - in the end most of them are using the same internals, but assembly is their own. I understand that they were playing big game to offer a product for other companies, but frankly, if I was a phone producer, I would develop my own OS, that is based on Linux, than use some other 3rd party to do so, unless it helps in gaining market.

I’ve loked through some of translations - I used English and Russian as secondary to compare and they were using some of the plural forms, where 0 should not be possible, so I left it as British English in most cases. For anyone who would update this translation in future, I would suggest also checking German as another source to compare - some of the words(by meaning) are actually the same as translated in Latvian.

I think, that is fine, if there are some errors - they always can be fixed later. I’ve started this task with the main goal to get the translation as close as possible to 100% from that number that was there. Well, to be fair there were quite many words, that required further research, as dictionaries or online translators were giving limited choices, so if there are some grammar errors, it will be easier to fix.

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good bake bro.

*found some ‘bugz’

together we will make it :wink: