[Latvian] Native Latvian community members to help finish translation

Are there any native Latvian members out here wanting to help out finishing the Latvian translation? The goal is to push it to 100% into the upcoming Sailfish OS update 4.3.

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I could do translation for Latvian.


Iā€™ve seen that there has been quite a lot of translations done probably automaticaly(and with autofilling). If that is the case, I would suggest to use in future official terminology dictionary(for IT - vvc-15):

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Just a reminder for future use: I would suggest renaming app Contacts everywhere as AdreÅ”u grāmatiņa, as it encases everything that is collection of Kontakpersonas or Kontakti. There can be different AdreÅ”u grāmatiņas, but it might be problematical to call them Kontakti or Kontaktpersonas, if they come as a compilation of contacts in Adress book from Google, FB or other services.
When it comes to individual contacts, they can be either kontakti or kontaktpersonas - they both are synonyms. Though, it might take a bit of further tinkering to adjust all the mentions to one style, as mention of contacts is spread across many projects.

Update(and in some cases with Sync) - Atjaunināt
Restore - Atjaunot
timeout - noildze, noilgums
manual - paŔrocīgi

Another thing - it has been at least 20 years since there has been discussion about fails usage and the transition period to datnes should be over for this(and people in general can understand what that term mean) and usage of fails for files should be replaced with datne as mandatory. Yeah, Google Translate and others will continue to translate file to fails as a primary option, but these services are heavily outdated for everyday use anyway.

There seems to be common issue with singular and plural forms of numbers. As a rule, in Latvian number related forms of words for any number that ends with 1, with exception if they end with 11, there should be used singular form - for rest of numbers there is plural form, like expected. This might be different for other languages - in English it is more adaptable than in Latvian. No idea how to solve this, as eventually this should be expanded as a logical rule - though I suspect, that also would require on a programm level for OS to know grammar when and where apply those and that is different approach of translation, which current format does not support.

@JSEHV, it seems, that you might have a power to grant permissions to submit changes. By the start of the next week I might be done with main translation(and I would like to end this project ASAP, as it occupies my brains longer than I anticipated) and I would be able to go through them again and submit them(or in some cases discard suggestions) for final submission. It just seems to be something that might take another week or even more, as it took me same amount of time to go through and extend translation to going through all the words, instead of using ā€œcontinue translationā€, as it appears, that older translations that are in usage of current product contained errors in translation.

More suggestions to look out for:

Update(and in some cases with Sync) - Atjaunināt
Restore - Atjaunot
timeout - noildze, noilgums
manual - paŔrocīgi

(data) counter - datu skaitītāji
clear(counters) - atiestatīt
ports - pieslēgvieta
passphrase - frāzveida parole
hotspot - tīklājs
Redial(connection) - Atkārtoti savienoties
Remote server - attālinātais(not attālais) serveris
hash - jaucējvērtība
Packet MTU - Paketes maksimālās pārraides bloks
cookie - sīkdatne
compression - saspieŔana
Gateway - Vārteja
Idle - Dīkstāve

Credentials - seems to be registration(user, password, etc. and/or public key file, certificate), so alternative to this is:
ReÄ£istrÄ“Å”anās dati(can be used for both file with credential information and input)

implementation - sometimes can be discarded entirely as it is extra word in Latvian, that doesnā€™t add anything to translation(or translating it makes no sense):
VPN implementation, that uses - VPN, kas izmanto

Maybe in future this will have to be changed(for now I have left it as it is):
Virtual Private Network - Virtuālais privātais tīkls

Sync, Synchronize might be changed to atjaunināt, AtjaunināŔana

Uncertain translations(not using VPN, so I have no idea what are they used for), that could be left untranslated(for now):
peer - vienādranga or līdzinieks

Google translate seems to translate please as LÅ«dzu followed with comma - the only rerason to put comma is if the sentence ends with exclamation and passively aggressive demands user to do something.

extract - izvilkt
Utilities(software) - RÄ«ki(It was applied to Tools in Windows, but can be applied to Utilities as well)
tracker - okŔķerējumi

OK - Labi (It has been a while, but this is correct translation for OK button).
Another can be Apstiprināt, but clearly it is longer.

Default - current official translation pēc noklusējuma is not really correct and is hard to comprehend for someone who has no exposure to knowledge of specific terminology(most phone users) - also this looks like a direct translation from Russian(ŠæŠ¾ уŠ¼Š¾Š»Ń‡Š°Š½Šøю) and not construct of Latvian. Maybe the words are in Latvian, but the term is still alien.
IMO, the best option seems to use Standarta, Pamata or even better - Sākotnējā(vērtība). German usage of Standard as Default is more understandable in Latvian.

avatar - there doesnā€™t seem to be appropriate translation(in dictionaries)

14 projects, until done.

thumbnail - sīktēls

more to be added