Latest Whatsapp Update - "Failed To Download" [SOLVED]

Sailfish OS 4.5
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

“Failed to download”. WhatsApp-9.apk just will not download to my phone - Any Ideas will be gratefully received!!

I am busy deleting TONS of WhatsApp videos from my phone’s storage, but even after deleting 2 years’ worth, still no joy trying to download the latest ( January 31st ) update.

Thank you all in advance!! - mehermuchacho

Works fine with Aurora Store. I would not trust anything else.

Thanks, David - What is the address for Aurora Store…? I have FDroid installed on my Sailfish pheune…

Aurora Store is an alternative to Google Play Store that allows you to download apps from GPS without signing in with a Google account.

If you already have F-droid installed on your phone, you shall find Aurora Store looking for it there, or you may install the .apk directly from the website linked first.

From within Aurora Store you will be able to download Whatsapp, then.


Thank you so much! Initially, I couldn’t find the Aurora Store on FDroid, but with your help, I managed it, installed the Aurora Store, and was able to UPDATE Witzapp cleanly. Many MANY Thank You 's !!! - mehermuchacho x. x


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