Latest SDK update - no more connection with virtual machine

Emulator starts but then…

Starting virtual machine…
Failed to establish SSH conection with virtual machine “SailfishOS-”: SSH connection failure.
Warning: Permanently added ‘[]:2223’ (ED25519) to the list of known hosts.
nemo@ Permission denied (publickey).
(Consider increasing SSH connection timeout in options.)

Now what?

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Can’t connect to that goddamned emulator anymore, no matter what. Keeps connecting eternally, and if interrupted throws nemo@ Permission denied (publickey).

Why did I update that damn thing? Another lesson to not fix what wasn’t broken before.

Can someone please help?

OK, so the problem is caused by the nemo user (rather than defaultuser) that the latest SDK update magically rised from the dead. Honestly, I have no idea where it took it from, because the emulator had been working fine for many many months with the defaultuser username. Suddenly it switched itself back to the ancient nemo. Magic.

Anyway, I can login manually via ssh using either defaultuser or root. But I cannot connect to the emulator via the SDK because it stubbornly uses the nemo username there, and I don’t know where to change it.

Anyone please knows where to change it back to defaultuser?

OK, so it took replacing nemo with defaultuser in all of the following xml files:


All of them, simultaneously, and with the Qtcreator NOT running, or else all of the files were instantly automatically overwritten back to nemo.

But now it finally works, thanks God.

AMAZINGLY ANNOYING, especially that it was caused by the SDK update.