Latest Sailfish SDK (3.10.4)

Thanks guys and girls @Jolla HQ!!!, this is a real pleasure to use, seriously…wow!

The previous SDK (3.9.6) was nothing but trouble (for me at least), constant RPM Deploy errors, No device found at SSH, bla, bla…at least 4 of each before actually getting the app to build. Also, USB errors popping up from my Windows 10 install about not recognising a USB device (My Xperia 10 ii) that is attached. Since updating to the latest SDK, ALL of the above mentioned problems seem to have evaporated!, yay!!!

I’m not sure if the unrecognised USB device problems are/were connected to the problems given by SDK, but regardless, I have not seen/heard a single notification since installing the latest SDK…is there a connection here or just pure coincidence??

Anyway, now when I have an idea, a fix, etc, for any of my apps…I can just open/edit/rebuild/smile…still smiling!

Thanks again!