Last chance saloon for Jolla?

If you mean aarch64 aliendalvik files - they should exist on official Xperia 10 II


Well, it’s finally come to this. After seven years, I’m ditching Sailfish and moving to another platform. I’ve been a Nokia and Sailfish user for over a decade, but it’s clear that Jolla is not interested in competing with the likes of Google and Apple. The sad part is, I don’t think Jolla actually knows what they want anymore.

So long, and good luck. Maybe one day I’ll be back.


Goodbye, local grocery store, it’s clear that you are not interested in competing with the likes of Walmart and Aldi!

If anything is clear, it’s that Jolla’s learned the hard way that it’s impossible to directly compete with companies that each have:

  • three thousand times as many employees,
  • a multiple of that in subcontractors and close partners,
  • very close ties to all western governments,
  • more money than Scrooge McDuck.

More likely they have realized, they don’t have the resources to beat aforementioned companies, owning enough assets to make a medium sized country envious, at their own game.

No, my local grocery competes, in terms of selling food and similar items. Where Jolla (apparently) refuses to compete is in the smartphone hardware market and - the far more lucrative - smartphone app market.

Yielding the app market to competitors was wildly foolish. Jolla has thrown away millions of potential dollars and/or euros. And, failure to capitalize on recent popular interest in privacy-aware mobile devices has been a missed opportunity. Jolla had a chance to present itself on the world stage - especially to the U.S. market - as the ‘spiritual successor’ to Nokia. And it could have worked.

But that’s not why I’m leaving. It’s largely because my carrier is ending 2G/3G soon and I won’t be able to make voice calls. There are other technical reasons, but that’s the biggest.