Lame, yes, that lame

Ah, it’s a nice title. If somewhat … I just wanted to ask perhaps @nephros and @rinigus if they were to try to push lame the mp3 encoder to chum, would they start from: File lame.spec of Package lame - openSUSE Build Service

I really need to get this done :slight_smile: But I had a feeling that the rpm’s from redhat might be the better start?


Should be possible, but why?

Doesn’t ffmpeg offer mp3 encoding that’s sufficient?

Aaah, it only has DEcoding.

But, still, should’t the proper way to use an updated ffmpeg, or gst?

Yeah, I should just re-implement. It’s in Audioworks, where I’ve already started adding a bunch of foo and, right you are. I should just implement it with ffmpeg. Thanks!


Ah, well mp3 encoding via ffmpeg does require liblame, so we’re actually again at square 1 :slight_smile:


Trying, watch this space:

It does build, please test.


Thanks! I will do that now.

Do you need python (pylame) as well?

No, I don’t think I do, but it would probably be nice:

I get a dependancy loop:

zypper install libmp3lame0-3.100-1.8.1.jolla.aarch64.rpm
Problem: nothing provides 'lame = 3.100-1.8.1.jolla'

zypper install lame-3.100-1.8.1.jolla.aarch64.rpm
Problem: nothing provides ''

Or maybe it's me :)

Vaguely recall having struggled with removing ‘%{sover}’ before. I think in the QT5.15 context but I can’t find it.

Zypper being difficult again?

Try installing both at the same time:

$ pkcon install-local lame-3.100-1.9.1.jolla.aarch64.rpm libmp3lame0-3.100-1.9.1.jolla.aarch64.rpm
Installing files
Testing changes
Finished                                                               [                                  ] (0%)
The following packages have to be installed:
lame-3.100-1.9.1.jolla.aarch64 The LAME MP3 encoder
libmp3lame0-3.100-1.9.1.jolla.aarch64  The LAME MP3 encoder library
Proceed with changes? [N/y]

Yeah! That’s a go! install-local with both files. Well, who would of thunk it. So, what happens in a chum context? That’s not actually using zypper, is it? Thanks for your efforts!

I still need to go via ffmpeg (I believe) to get this working within Sailjail, but, it’s great progress, for (errrgh) mp3 encoders everywhere :slight_smile:

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If you have a repo containing all deps, zypper (or other package tools) will resolve everything just fine.

It’s their job after all.

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Yes, that’s ‘usually’ clear. My remark about “%{sover}” was related to some more complex dependency foo (qxmpp & co. I think). So, overthinking, not seeing the forest for the trees. Should have grokked that specifying individual files in a local context wouldn’t work. In so far, zypper install lame liblame should have worked just as the pkcon version, n’est pas?

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Do you want to push it to chum, or shall I? I have to review all my packages, but I have a vested interest so it may be more appropriate for me to do it?

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Sure, go ahead!

I know @rinigus prefers the sources to be in git, rather than being spec+tarball on OBS (because backups).

So it probably should be moved into a git repo.
Unfortunately(?) upstream does not use git, so making a tar_git package is not feasible (even though a mirror repo exists at github). It will have to remain a tarball+spec package.

The question is shall that git repo live at your account, or at the sailfishos-chum org?

Hmmm. I had a couple of cases where, out of lack of time I just reproduced ‘obs only tar ball’ as in libupnp & co. Should revisit, but it’s also a case of the upstream in that case being ‘really’ flaky (ie. automated redirects on http requests for a specific version or the like).

Hmm. still using svn. well, has it’s merits :slight_smile: Which mirror did you mean? GitHub - zlargon/lame: mirror of LAME (MP3 Encoder) ?

Could it be done with the spec file and

Source0: Download lame-3.100.tar.gz (LAME (Lame Aint an MP3 Encoder)) ?
I forget the details as soon as I’ve learned them. Sigh.

If not, I’ll unroll the tar ball in a repo of my making, which could be pushed to see below …

My preference is sailfishos-chum org. I think we’re both in the loop there?

GitHub - poetaster/lame: mirror of LAME (MP3 Encoder) is now at 3.100 … Let’s see.

Ok, I’m just going ahead.

  1. See if the most recent upstream wants the updates
  2. make SFOS-lame with submodule, rpm, you’re spec.
  3. See how that goes :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hmmm. now %{sover} is an issue :wink: and the debian patch does not apply. sigh. Live Build Log - SailfishOS Open Build Service
EDIT: again. Forgot to set the path to upstream in the prep section. SORRY.

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Ok, so, it’s done. The ‘meta’ package points to my poetaster/lame but I’ve made a PR so maybe that changes. Pushed the meta package to sailfishos-chum. Thanks for getting me started!

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