Label / Text - RichText styling / theming

In QML, when using Label.text (or Text.text), with textFormat set to Text.RichText, theming is applied to the html. Because of that, there seems to be some kind of overlay or alpha channel (my guess is theming).

Result (sizing difference is because of scaling & screenshot):

How to achieve this:
Create a new QML project and add this below the ‘Hello Sailors’-label:

Label {
           id: contentLabel

           scale: 1
           //color: "#FF000000"

           transformOrigin: Item.TopLeft

           wrapMode: Text.WrapAtWordBoundaryOrAnywhere
           textFormat: Text.RichText
           //smooth: true

           text: "<img src=\"\" />"

Yep, this is a bug with Sailfish. I cannot reproduce this with QtCreator Community Version, but with Sailfish SDK, it is repeatable as well as manually writing the code on my device, the blue tinge is there.

I’m also certain that somewhere on this forum, the same report has been filed, can’t recall who/when though.

My guess is you mean this one: QML Label dispays images with a blue-ish tint

yeah, I found it, marked it as a duplicate as yours was older/original of the two.

I wonder if the link color has something to do with it - tinting all links even it it’s an image URI?

I just bumped into this because you marked my post as duplicate; I would have found this if the title made a bit more sense tbh. I don’t think this is a styling/theming issue, since it works perfectly fine in the emulator.
Regardless, there is no solution anywhere, and this topic was raised in TJC originally.

Title’s are always a problem, different nationalities have their own ideas on use of the English language, this was a problem with TJC as well.

The outcome is of no consequence to myself, so I will leave the decision to mods/OP/whoever.

The ONLY solution should come from Jolla, it is their fix to make as it is their SDK that produces this junk, it does not happen on original QtCreator.

Yeah, this is a long standing bug in tidings (rss reader). It does seem to be a silica bug (Label being silica). I’m going to look at bug reports again. I suspect it’s never been directed at ‘Silica’ directly.

EDIT: @xmasjos had it. there is a proper report.

Resolved in the latest release (