Label capitalization query

i did play around a while ago with capitalization on an Label.
the result was not great, not what i would expect.

i would like to have just two options:

  • no capitalization
  • mixed cap, so first char

but i wanted to have that just during user input
the current result now is: even lower case input is capitalized on load when i use the mixed …

does anybody know the propper setting for that ?
or do i need to set that manually only in edit mode, that would feel strange imho

You could try disabling signals, setting the text and enabling signals, but I’m not sure if it affects rendering too…

I wish I could remember why, but in my Location based lookup of weather stations I employed a javascript hack to get Labels into mixed case.

        delegate: ListItem {
            Label {
                text: titleCase(model.station_name) + " - " + model.distance + qsTr(" meters")
                truncationMode: TruncationMode.Fade
function titleCase(str) {
    str = str.toLowerCase();
    var words = str.split(' ');
    var results = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < words.length; i++) {
        var letter = words[i].charAt(0).toUpperCase();
        results.push(letter + words[i].slice(1));
    return results.join(' ');
I just have no idea now, why!