Koli providing support to Android 9, can we update Sony XA2 vendor version?

I was wondering if it’s possible to update the Sony XA2 Vendor version to Android 9.0 – Kernel 4.9 since the latests Sailfish update provides support for Android 9?

Has anyone tried and what would be the benefits ?


It is possible.
As described here:
Alien Dalvik & Captcha issues (gapps) 4.0.1 - General - Sailfish OS Forum
I managed to do it after factory reset update and clean install gapps BUT I cannot use because Device not certified by Google Protect prevents me from logging into any Google App.
I still hope that there will be a solution different from MicroG.

Not sure this answer my question. I’m talking about Sony software binaries.
Sailfish can officially be installed with (Android 8.1) – Kernel 4.4 binaries for XA2 v16 or v17B. As Koli update provides official support of Android 9.0, i was wondering if we could update XA2 Sony software binaries to Android 9.0 Kernel 4.9 (same level as XPeria 10 actually)


:thinking:I’m not sure if this answers your question either. But here it is:
Two days ago I switched Android 9 to Sailfish 4 on my XA2 Ultra with much hesitation, but without any problems finally via my Linux laptop. So far I don’t notice anything strange.

Good point, actually it could solve many problems as it could contain bugfixes, too.

Good to know.
When you installed Sailfish 4, did you follow the tutorial and download the sony software binary V16 or V17B ?

While looking at jolla zendesk i found here that they do recommend Android 9.0 for XA2 :

Xperia XA2 50.2 .A.0.400 (Android 9)
50.1 .A.13.123 (Android 8) (*)
Xperia 10 53.0 .A.8.69 (Android 9) (**)

(*) We recommend Android 9 for Sailfish 3.3.0 and later. Baseband version 50.3 .A.z.y might become available. Do not take it as it corresponds to Android 10, the compatibility with Sailfish has not been tested.
(**) Do not install Android 10 as Sailfish is not yet compatible with it. Baseband versions
53. 1 .A.x.y imply Android 10, so do not install them with Emma.

so it’s not clear for me why they put the V16 (Android 8.1) binary recommendation

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Because I do not use 5 GHz wifi (2.4 GHz instead). They recommend V16 if you work with 5 GHz .

I’d be interested to know in what circumstances it would be certainly advantageous to use newer Sony binaries.
Would that be only if somebody wants to run an Android app that is made for 9.0 or newer, or also in other cases?

Sorry for the late answer. Updating binaries can provide firmware updates and fixes. You can see the latest changelog on Sony Open Devices website.