Kill android app PIDs in crest?

I wonder why it is not possible to kill lingering android apps in crest? It is damn annoying that apps like e.g. Firefox does not get out of the way when it is shut down. It is hogging 3% of my cpu and is contributing to battery drain even after it is closed. Sure, I can do it from a terminal, but crest is a nice interface for this. How do the rest of you handle this irritating problem?

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As you did not specify, I am assuming you are using aliendalvik 8 (XA2 or newer).
On these systems, the android subsystem runs in a linux container (LXC), so PIDs/UIDs from the container are separate from the host system. This means UID 0 (root) from the container does not have privileges on the host, but also kill on the host cannot kill a container process.

If you want to kill an android app, go to Settings->Apps->MisbehavingAndroidApp, there you will find a button to kill the app.

Thanks. Yes it is XA2 and the latest AD.
I can kill the processes as root, so making a script that I can run from a terminal seems like the easiest way to go. I hope this problem will somehow be resolved soon.

My fork of Crest can do the job. Not out of the box though, you need sudo installed and a bit of proper sudo config. See

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Thank you very much! It works like a charm. Btw, where is the vi editor? I wanted to use visudo.

How can a noob make a proper sudo config and use your app to kill Android processes in the background?

The vim-minimal package provides /bin/vi

The preferred way is to use the visudo cmd, but as I couldn’t find the vi editor, I did this:

  1. Change to the root user


  2. Change the permissions temporarily on the file /etc/sudoers

    chmod 0644 /etc/sudoers

  3. Edit this file in your usual editor, e.g emacs

  4. Uncomment and change the line that reads




  1. Revert the permissions

    chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers

You must of course install the sudo package first

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I am not very good friends with this forum editor, sorry.

I’ll try asap. Thx a lot, kind sir.

I believe you might be looking for keyboard shortcut ctrl-shift-c

Thank you, @adekker.

I just had to learn that a hash character in markdown means a heading. Prefixing it with a backslash makes it come out as a hash