Keyboard Xperia 10 - room for improvement

My one wish for the next update: The keyboard on the Xperia 10 is not very handy. Due to the slim frame at the bottom of the device, set by the hardware, the useability is worse than for instance on the XA2. Please leave some space where I can put my fingers. It’s still a handheld.

Many thanks in advance!



As a third-party workaround, there is a patch available with Patch Manager 3 which addresses this.


Thx, I’ll check that out.

I did and it wasn’t what I’m looking for. My problem isn’t with the lengh, it’s with the width.
I really like the feauture of the split keyboard when the phone is rotated. But compared to XA2 or Xperia X it’s not convenient to type on the X10. The asymetric frame when rotated produce one side where I can hold the device and type but the other (slim) side causes problems. Maybe I’m not the only tall guy with big hands in the community who would appreciate a redesign of the specific feature.