Keyboard stopped working on android apps

Using Sailfish on an Xperia XA2 upgraded the other day to newest sailfish without problems. Have not done anything on the phone but today from like noon onwards, the keyboard refuses to work on Android apps.

I can select the input fields and the keyboard appears, but everything I write does not show in the field. Also, the keyboard now covers the input field where before the screen would jump so the field would stay visible.

Have already tried unistalling and reinstalling alien-dalvik but problem persists. Anybody any suggestions?

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Just got this same problem. What I did was I restored my original /opt/alien/system.img as I was using “MindTheGapps” version which apparently seemed to cause issues after the update like, e.g., apps starting in black screen and no more notifications from Teams or Snapchat. I removed all the google stuff and installed MicroG stuff in place. Early on I noticed the same problem described above. I haven’t tried alien-dalvik reinstallation though.