Keyboard disappear if i uninstall okboard

Well, i guess the title says it all, i installed okboard from openrepos and when i delete it, also maliit disappear.

Any solution?or can someone send me the maliit folder from vanha rauma so i can replace mine?

You can always reinstall packages by doing

pkcon install --allow-reinstall <packagename>

If you want to inspect the files from a package, do

pkcon download /tmp <packagename>
cd /tmp
rpm2cpio /tmp/<filename> | cpio -id
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Tried with pkcon install --allow-reinstall maliit-framework-wayland but terminal says it can’t find the package, any hint?

I still have a jolla lying around so i could copy files from that, but how do i do that with sailjail?

As weird as it is, now maliit is back and okboard is not working anymore, enabled or not
Maybe resetting the database in okboard done something

It’s actually what i wanted but still it’s very weird

Same happend to me. Log shows

CRITICAL: void Maliit::KeyOverrideQuick::applyOverride(const QSharedPointer<MKeyOverride>&, MKeyOverride::KeyOverrideAttributes) - Both label and icon have no default value.