Kde connect insists there is no wifi network connection although its there?

strange, if i open kde connect i get a message that there is no wifi connection.
but it’s there and active and i can browse the internet (with data connection switched off)
so it redirects me to a wifi connection setting (android settings?)
and it says no connection and doesnt see connection.

what could be going on?

im on latest update on a X10

before i was on an XA2 and i remember kde connect working just fine on that with older versions of sailfish.

Is this an android app on your phone?
If so there is a very decent native client, Sailfish Connect, available.

I’ve experienced similar issues with Android apps requiring WIFI access. What works for me is restarting Android App support, and the app should then work fine.

oh cool, nice tip, didnt know there was a native alternative for kde connect.

For me the native version does not work under SFOS (XA2 Ultra) but the Android Version from F-Droid does (despite the usual limitations with file system access etc). The native version just doesn’t start up.

That’s odd, it still works fine on my X10 plus.
Do you get an error when running it from the commandline?

Actually I did a reboot this morning, and now it works as expected. Really nice!

sailfish connect works quite good actually.

i think there is a deeper problem, as soon as i connect to wifi a lot of android apps suddenly complain there is no network. luckilly i have an unlimited 4g data plan but still it is annoying at times i DO conenct to wifi.