Just bought an Xperia 10ii and installed Sailfish on it

The security is a problem, I have to wright lock up code two times to make a call for my private phone. That is not what I want. I do not buy a phone to share it with a lot of people I buy it for private use. It means I do not leave it laying around with no watch over it.
I have been looking around in this forum for to solve the problem but it is so technical so I have to apply for the university to get some thing out of the information.
I think I go back to old days and a Nokia 3310, no problem to make a call…

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Thanks for your especially polite question. I am sure many fellow Sailfish users will gladly share their free time with you to solve your issues.

If you do not want to decrypt your phone’s file system at boot time, you better not encrypt the file system in the first place. This is especially true, if your use case does not include the need to protect your device. Encryption is to protect your data.

You will have to unlock your device any time you boot it. That is what most people expect from mobile phones.

If your use case includes shutting the phone completely down after each phone call, maybe a smart phone isn’t for you.

So, if a university degree and a smart phone is not your solution and maybe a vintage phone is, there are sure nice places on the Internet where people will gladly support your device.


Not true. The (double) code entry is upon boot only, after that there is just the lock code. Which you can even bypass by using fingerprint auth, or disable completely in the settings.

And I’m quite positive your old 3310 had mandatory SIM PIN entry.


completely agree with w.t
if you wanna help, ask nicely
if you wanna rant, just leave it and go.
nobody is interested in that

and to your problem;
sometimes the reason for a problem is between the two ears
(i know it sounds much better in german)


As far as I understand encryption is mandatory upon new install

It was not my intention to bee rude but I get frustrated after days with the Sailfish phone that I could not get to work in an easy way.
I am not James Bond or any other spy so I have no secrets in my phone, I do not kep any passwords or other sensitive information on it. If any body get in to it they would find pictures of my family and some on the nature or get some good music and phone numbers to my friends.
So my phone today is open without any security. Easy using in other words and that is the goal I would like to reach with Sailfish.
But I want to get out of Saurons Eye (read Google) that is looking over my shoulder all the time, but I guess I hade to much hope on the Sailfish OS system. It looks more suited for a person that need to hide in the shades then for my open soul.
So a nice question, can I get the OS to open without any passwords, just open the phone and call my friends or look at an app? That would be great. And for knowledge, the Nokia 3310 do not need any pinkod for to open, that is an option and I have at least 3 of that type but want some more modern for to use usefull apps. Today I use a Samsung J7+.

May I ask how often do you reboot your phone if entering the PIN at boot time is such an issue that it would overshadow any potential benefits SFOS may bring?


Disable encryption. I don’t know how to achieve this for the current release, since it is enabled automatically.

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you can disable auto-lock in settings/devicelock
i doubt you can disable device decryption on a 4+ version


I do understand your attitude towards security perfectly well but the majority of use cases involving a need for privacy include network traffic as well a device security. Making the second optional would maybe mean a benefit for very few people.

@unmaintained asked whether rebooting for each call is also a necessary part of your daily routine. Maybe here lies a hint to a possible solution?

One personal question btw: Are your friends aware that you consider their phone numbers, names and pictures as open data? Many of my friends have shared their address books with e.g. Facebook or others. Nobody ever asked.

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Thanks for all information!
I did a new install and manage to change som of the settings so now it is OK! I still have to learn a lot in the new OS system, not easy with my old brain… :wink:
A question, I try to get rid of Google but if I need an app that I only can find under there AppStore?! How can I manage this BIG problem?! I do not want to sign in to Google because I guess I will be sitting in the knee of Google for ever again. Is there any solution for this problem?
What I want is my bank-ID and the bank do not distribute that app and only refers to Google AppStore, the same as Sauron’s Eye.
For a free world without spy program would be nice…

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Thanks again for all help… :pray: :sunglasses:

You can use AuroraStore to access Play Store, you do not need an account to download programs.

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However, it might well be that your bank’s app won’t work due to the lack of Google Play Services or some objections of Google Safety Net. Those are typical problems fpr Android banking apps. The former could be remedies by using MicroG.

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It will probably work, try without MicroG first.

the forum has a getting started section.
and there is a topic like this: How to install apps in sailfish (x)? - Guide for noobs like me

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